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The first International art-therapy flash mob “Dream through the Ruins”

On August 27 at 7:00 pm (Kyiv time), more than 2,000 children in 17 European countries, Canada, and the USA, under the supervision of the art therapist, simultaneously drew the "Map of a Happy Life."

The International flash mob, “Dream through the Ruins,” was organized by Iryna Hryban as a Global Wellness Day Ambassador in Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Philadelphia. It was broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.

Organizing the flash mob, we pursued three primary missions:

Therapy by the art

Thanks to the art therapy techniques - mental well-being restoration with art - to help children of Ukraine overcome the consequences of experiencing traumatic events and cope with anxiety and depression. After all, art therapy is a safe and quick method of learning to express your emotions without saying words.

Help for parents.

Children are the least protected population in all senses. They take absolutely everything to heart and often do not want or cannot talk about their fears with either parents or teachers. Even psychologists do not always manage to talk them out.

Art therapy is not a psychological consultation when a psychologist works with a particular problem. Art therapy allows the child to express his emotions through the art.

The world community must know!

We wanted to show the world community that children in bomb shelters, forced migrants in the west of Ukraine, and refugees abroad do not lose heart and continue to dream! They "DREAM THROUGH THE RUINS" and, by their example, demonstrate the power of indomitability and faith in the future!

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