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"Brave" program for somatically weakened children in hospitals

"Brave" is a continuation of the international flash mob "DREAMS THROUGH THE RUINS" — an interactive art therapy to restore the mental health of children affected by the war in Ukraine.

In developing this program, we invited Viktoriya Nazarevich - a practical psychologist with 25 years of experience working with children and an expert in child psychology in the field of "creativity therapy."

Viktoriya Nazarevich is a candidate of psychological sciences, trainer of educational programs, and a psychologist of the highest qualification category.

Who is already engaged in the "Brave" methodology?

For three months, a group of practicing psychologists trained by Victoria Nazarevich, held classes in the largest children's hospital in Kyiv. Through fairy-tale therapy, therapeutic drawing, and creating symbols and images, such as "brave" and "strong," children revealed their inner potential and worked with their emotional experiences.

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