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17 participating countries, 25 locations, more than 2000 Ukrainian children

  • Ukraine

  • Italy, "Studio" Monastery (Rome)

  • Turkey, Consulate of Ukraine in Antalya, Childhood Without War, Larissa Hotel BELDIBI, Larissa Beach SIDE Hotel

  • Slovakia, Malý Berlín Cultural Center (Trnava), International Center for Ukrainian Victory (Bratislava)

  • Latvia, Common Ground (Riga)

  • Germany, Embassy of Ukraine in Germany

  • Netherlands, Ukrainian House (Rotterdam)

  • Canada, Cafe Ukraine (Ottawa)

  • Czech Republic, Consulate of Ukraine in Brno

  • Georgia, Art Center Phoenix

  • Republic of Bulgaria, Ukrainian House (Varna), private children's institution Magic Dreams

  • France, Écoute Ukraine (Paris-France), Cultural and Information Center at the Embassy of Ukraine in France

  • Norway, Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Norway

  • Poland, Centrum Konferencyjno-Szkoleniowe Ossa

  • Montenegro, the Coordination Crisis Headquarters for the Support of Ukrainians in Podgorica, the Ukrainian Center in Herceg Novi

  • Belgium, Cultural Center of Ukraine in Belgium

  • USA

Iryna Hryban, on the air of the national channel "Yedyni Novyny" talks about the first international flash mob, "DREAMS THROUGH RUINS" and art therapy's importance for children's mental well-being.

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